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Press releases

Cold Press Juicer #65

The Santos cold press juicer #65 is the solution for making fresh, cold-pressed juices on demand.

This is a new way of extracting juice by pressing very slowly all kinds of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Vitamins and nutrients are preserved and oxidation is limited.

The wide chute (79,5mm) allows you to introduce whole apples. Santos has two patents on this cold pressing system.

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Colored Blender Jugs

Santos now offers colored jugs for its Brushless Blender #62. The jugs, available in yellow and red, are BPA-free containers. Associating identified recipes containing allergens (such as nuts, soy or dairy) with specific colored containers will help prevent cross-contamination, protecting guests' health, according to Santos.

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Santosafe kitchen blender #37

The Santosafe #37 kitchen blender from Santos features a silent and reliable commercial motor.

High-resistance blades are capable of crushing hard ingredients such as ice while its variable speed up to 15,000 rpm creates a vortex that can mix liquid and solid ingredients.

The blender also has a pulse function of 18,000 rpm. The patented Santosafe locking system allows hand-free use while protecting the user. 

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Innovation: ColoreD jugs

The Brushless blender has now colored bowls. Available in yellow and red, these BPA-free containers are perfect for users concerned with food allergies and worried about cross-contamination with allergens. Combining identified recipes containing allergens, such as peanuts, soybeans or dairy products, to a specific bowl color, helps prevent cross-contamination with allergens and protects consumers.

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Moulin à café n°01 Bar

The Ice Crusher 53 from santos is ideal for frozen cocktails. The reliable machine makes fine and coarse crushed ice and can create 2.9 pounds (1.2 kilograms) of ice in 30 seconds and has a heavy-duty, quiet asynchronous motor, with manual function (crushing ice as long as the button is pushed) and hands-free function (automatically crushes all the ice placed in the tank).

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The Coffee Grinder #01 Barista

The Coffee Grinder #01 Bar Barista Edition is a special edition grinder from Santos dedicated to baristas. Based on a traditional coffee grinder from 1954, the grinder handles a small batch of coffee, making it ideal for specialty coffee. The grinder has a 2.2-pound (1-kilogram) hopper, 63.5-millimeter Santos grinding discs, direct coffee dispensing and ergonomic coffee grinder spout, micrometric adjusting, a horizontal feeding screw, pulse button and a powerful induction motor. Heat dissipation prevents a “burnt coffee” effect while grinding.

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The powerful yet silent Coffee Shop Grinder  #63, from Santos, is equipped with an asynchronus motor, giving it exceptional output (up to 120kg/hour).

Its triple-cut grinding discs can be resharpened, and a micrometric button offers precise grinding. The bag holder maintains bags from 250 grams to 1 kilogram, and has a vibrating plate ensuring better coffee distribution.

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Santos' cold press juicer #65 is the solution to all juice bars, restaurants and shops wishing to make fresh cold pressed juices, on demand, in front of the customer. This is a new way of juicing, pressing very slowly all kind of fruits, veggies, leafy greens, and preserving the vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and minerals. One can juice anything with the cold press juicer #65, and get the consistency desired! Santos has two patents on the cold press system, which is a real innovation on the market.

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Santos Cold Press Juicer #65 won the 2017 Sirha Innovation Award, in the category "Appliance, Equipment, Concepts".

This innovative appliance will be a must-have for juice bars and all stores wishing to make fresh cold pressed juices, on demand.

The Cold Press Juicer #65 is the first counter-top commercial cold press juicer on the market, with a full stainless steel food zone, an extra-large feeding tube, a speed variation, and two filters, to juice any kind of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Thanks to its patented slow juicing system, it preserves the nutrients, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, and offers an excellent yield.

This efficient and innovative counter-top cold press juicer seduced the Sirha Innovation Award's Jury, composed of chefs, nutritionists, designers, journalists.

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The Cold press juicer #65 makes cold pressed juices on-demand.

This new way of juicing, pressing slowly all kind of fruits, veggies and leafy greens; preserves vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and minerals.

Santos has two patents on the cold press system, which is a real innovation on the market.

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Santos introduces the new version of the brushless blender

Santos, the specialist of commercial electrical equipment dedicated to bars since 1954, has launched a new version of the Blender Brushless #62.


The main feature of this blender is its brushless motor: unlike universal motors it has no carbon brushes giving it extensive life expectancy and excellent energy efficiency. This new blender is not only efficient but also very quiet thanks to its new soundproof hood, brushless motor and vibration-proof jar mat.


It makes any kind of cocktails, smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes, granitas and iced coffee frappe thank to the 30 preprogrammed recipes.

It is also possible to create its own programs thanks to the free software provided by Santos (built-in USB port).

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A blender for food-trucks

Perfect for food trucks thanks to its great versatility, the Kitchen Blender #37 is the ideal appliance for mixing, liquefying, grinding, crushing all kinds of hot and cold preparations, such as soups, gazpachos, creams, sauces, and purées...

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The perfect blend

The Brushless Blender #62 from Santos “ticks all the boxes” in terms of performance and sustainable development.
With 30 programmed recipes it can make a range of beverages, including cocktails, smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes, granitas and iced coffee frappe.

The brushless motor has no carbon brushes giving it extensive life expectancy and energy efficiency while remaining quiet during operation. An extra strong blade ensures even the hardest ice is crushed with ease.

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Ultra fresh ground coffee by Santos

The Automatic Espresso Coffee Grinder #55 is efficient, sturdy and very silent. Ideal appliance for bars, hotels, and restaurants, it stands beside the traditional 1, 2 or 3 groups espresso machines. The Coffee Grinder #55 has no dispenser, the precise dose of coffee for 1 or 2 espressos is directly dispensed when the filter holder is detected. One dose of coffee is dispensed in less than one second. This machine is in accordance with the most stringent international regulations.

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Santos solutions against food waste

Santos gets involved in the fight against food waste which is becoming a major issue in our society.

A National agreement, which aims to reduce food waste by 50% in France until 2025, was recently adopted.

In the fast food market, one of the main obstacles to the fight against food waste is the too significant cost of the collection of non-used fruits and vegetables whereas simple tricks exist.

Santos gives a particular importance to this subject by proposing solutions against food waste. Santos juice extractors and blenders give the possibility to change behaviors and reduce food waste by giving a second life to your damaged fruits and vegetables. These appliances can easily turn unsold fruits and vegetables into a popular product, rich in vitamins, healthy and easy to prepare: the smoothie.

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The French manufacturer of commercial coffee grinders, juicers, and other bar and kitchen equipment celebrates its 60th anniversary.  And the two brothers at the head of the company, Aurélien and Nicolas Fouquet, are proud of the success of this family-run business created in 1954 by their grandfather André, and represented in more than 130 countries thanks to their father Jacques. 
The company bet on commercial products handmade in France and developped in its R&D department based in its headquarters in Lyon.
Santos invests around 10% of its turnover in Research & development and dedicate 300 000€ every year in intellectual and industrial property to protects its innovations.

All Santos appliances are in accordance with teh most stringent international regulations (CE, UL, GS, NSF, KETI, GOST…) and can be adpted to all relevant voltages.

The company is always looking at the new trends all around the world to develop new products which meet the needs of the market.

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Santos LAUNCHES A NEW Juice Extractor FOR INTENSIVE USE - Savours Co Snacking

SANTOS, the specialist of fresh fruits and vegetables juices, launches the juice extrator "Miracle Edition" 68 which is the result of its 60 years experience in this market.  

More powerful, more robust, and easier to clean, this new generation juice extractor is dedicated to juice bars, health fodd stores, hotels, restaurants, ice cream shops, institutions... 
The juice extractor 68 is the must-have for juice bars, and is adapted to intensive use with an exceptional output, up to 140 l/h (200 kg/h). Its new generation patented Ezy-cleanTM system II, is extremely sturdy and makes the cleaning easier and quicker.
It accepts whole fruits and vegetables thanks to the extra wide feeding chute (Ø 79.5 mm) and it extracts a high quality juice with a perfect filtration. It is available in a Juice bar version (#68J) or with a Chefs and Patisserie kit (#68 110).

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Santos, French manufacturer of commercial electrical equipment launches its new coffee shop grinder 63 which completes Santos' wide range of coffee grinders. This new powerful grinder is dedicated to coffee shops, supermarkets and roasting establishments that distribute large quantities of ground coffee.
Extremely silent, quick, precise and reliable, the coffee shop grinder 63 is the result of Santos' 60 years experience and know-how in the coffee market. This sturdy product is equipped with a powerful induction motor (5-year warranty) and designed for intensive use. It has an exceptional output (up to 120 kg/hour).

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